It’s beginning to look a lot like…Tax Return time!

When the temperature starts to drop, and State of Origin kicks into full gear,  who wouldn’t want to celebrate the cool weather and shorter days inside, under piles of papers and receipts? Kidding!  Come July, tax season brings its frustrations and stress, but with some planning and the right partners to help out, it need not be.

Doctors Wealth Accounting has put together this list of common deductions for Doctors to help get you started. Of course, some of these will apply to you, some wont, and there will be some extras that apply to you that are not on here, but will instead be uncovered in your detailed tax return and planning meeting.

To see the Common Tax Deductions for Doctors, click here. To make an appointment with one of our chartered accountants who specialise in tax advice for doctors, please contact us on (07) 32528810, leave your details here, or email us at