Are you living your Ideal Life?

If so, fantastic! Check out the other Doctors Wealth articles and then get back to living your Ideal Life.

If not, a big step towards your journey to your Ideal Life (or at least more of it!) is to define it:

  • What does your Ideal Life look like? If you had to choose 2-3 pictures to represent this, what would these be?
  • What does your Ideal Life sound like?  Is it the sound of the beach, the noise a golf club makes when it hits the ball perfectly or the laughter of happy children?
  • What are you doing in your Ideal Life?  Are you working hours you enjoy at your Ideal Practice with Ideal Patients (see previous article) and then having plenty of time to spend with your loved ones and what else you enjoy most?
  • Who are you with in your Ideal Life?  You may also wish to ask your partner who they are with in their Ideal Life and hopefully they answer you!
  • Who are you being in your Ideal Life?  This is likely to be more important than what you are doing or who you are with. Who would you need to be to live your Ideal Life?

Write your answers down if you can and refine these further over the coming weeks.

Great! Now you have a choice. You are where you are right now because you choose to be.

And because you have a choice, living your Ideal Life starts with making a decision.

Are you ready to start living more of your Ideal Life?

As long as your aspirations are not too grandiose, your Ideal Life is achievable if you want it to be.

This is not about perfection. But what if starting today, you did 15 minutes more of what makes you the happiest – and eliminated 15 minutes of what is meaningless or you can’t stand doing?

What if you gradually continued to improve on this? How would your life be different?

So what do you need to start doing today to start living more of your Ideal Life?