Introducing Doctors Wealth

Financial Planning for Doctors is a specialist field.  The most appropriate financial strategies for Doctors, the specific structures and rules that apply both in the private practice and state public health systems, and the exclusive offers available to Doctors are distinct from any other.

Here at Doctors Wealth, we specialise in financial planning, tax, accounting, property and related financial matters for Doctors and are more than happy to assist you with the any of the following services:

Doctors Wealth Planning

Financial Planning for Doctors

  • Getting your financial house in order, then keeping it that way for life. 
  • Discussing and ensuring your financial situation matches your Goals and Values. 
  • Creating your desired financial future for the next week, the next year, the next decade and beyond.

Wealth Creation, Superannuation and Investment Advice

  • Investing as part of your long term wealth creation, using tax-effective strategies, quality investments and core investment principles. 
  • Making the most of your available superannuation benefits to grow your wealth automatically and continuously, whilst also saving yourself tax. 
  • Utilising a self managed super fund (SMSF) to your advantage where this is right for you

Income Protection, Life Insurance, TPD, Critical Illness & Practice Overheads Insurance

  • Protecting the things that are really important – you, your family, your practice and your ability to create your desired financial future
  • Maintaining competitive premiums, including strategies to minimise these and make them more tax-effective
  • Be available for you to contact directly as your responsible adviser if you need to make a claim, or to assist you with reviews or administration for your policies
  • Specialist knowledge and experience of insurance for Doctors, including advice on choosing insurers and policies to cover your specific medical speciality and the specific risks of your occupation, such as blood-borne diseases, and taking advantage of special offers for Doctors to save you time

Salary Packaging

  • Free money in the form of a tax saving for you, is an absolute must for all hospital-based medical professionals
  • Use to boost your take-home income, or enable you to repay your debt faster

Cash Flow and Debt Management

  • Cash Flow Management is the heart of your finances; the everyday management of which is key to creating a sound financial future

Doctors Wealth Accounting

Personal and Private Practice Tax Returns and Accounting

  • Your occupation is unique, and so are the specific accounting and tax strategies we utilise to assist reduce your tax and protect your wealth

Tax Planning and Structuring Advice

  • Using the correct trading and investing structures and strategies at the right time to provide you with the best possible outcome

Private Practice – Business Advice

  • Advice on setting up and running a successful private practice to ensure the practice as a business looks after you and your staff, assist you maintain quality patient care and help you avoid unnecessary business pitfalls
  • Advice on exiting your private practice to ensure the best outcomes for you, your staff and your patients

Company and Trust Accounting

  • Ensuring all your entity accounting is planned and completed correctly

Doctors Wealth Property

Property Advice for Main Residences and Investments

  • We ensure that your main residence and investment property purchases fit seamlessly into your financial situation, and are successfully integrated with your overall financial affairs

Mortgage Broking

  • Ensuring you obtain and maintain competitive loan rates, as well optimal loan structures for your unique occupation and tax planning requirements

Property Sourcing and Buyers Agent

  • Helping you find the right property, whether its to be your main residence or an investment
  • Guiding you through the property buying process, including inspections and negotiating

Private Practice – Premises Purchase, Fitout and Equipment

  • Assisting you to access special lending offers exclusive to Doctors and competitive loans and business packages

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